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The Vanity Shield™ by Uplifter Beauty
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How It Works
The Vanity Shield™ uses natural NASA grade LED lights  to send energy into the skin cells both on the surface of your face and the layers underneath. This way, the skin cells that have become damaged overtime finally have the energy they need to heal. This reverses the appearance of aging such as fine lines & wrinkles and has also been scientifically proven to heal acne more quickly than any other technology to date!
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The Vanity Shield™ Features
  • Scientifically Proven To Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • ​Eliminate Acne & Inflammation
  • ​Reduce Age Spots & Promote Anti-Aging
  • ​Shrink Pores & Even Complexion
  • ​Improve Skin Firmness & Elasticity
  • ​Reduce Scarring & Hyperpigmentation
  • ​Medically Certified To Combat Rosacea
  • ​Effective For All Skin Types
The Vanity Shield™ Main Functions
  • ​Each LED Color On The Vanity Shield™ Is Doctor Guaranteed To Treat The Following:
  • ​Red: Anti-aging, promotes collagen, tightens loose skin, increases elasticity, revitalizes cells, improves blood circulation so you can reverse wrinkles
  • ​Blue: Destroys acne-producing bacteria, shrinks sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation & scarring so you can have a clear, bacteria-free face
  • ​Yellow: Stimulates red blood cells, reduces pigmentation, balances skin texture, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, and reduces redness all so you can finally get a beautiful, even complexion
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What's in the Box?
 1 x Vanity Shield™

1 x FREE Premium Gua Sha Lifting Tool

 1 x USB Cord

 1 x Form Fitting Face Strap

 1 x Cable

 1 x User Manual

 1 x Gift Wrap Box
Want Proven Results?
The Vanity Shield™ is the only way to go from blotchy, acne ridden, wrinkled and unhealthy skin to beautiful, clear glowing skin in 30 days guaranteed. We literally have thousands of client results for one reason and one reason only - The Vanity Shield™ WORKS!
Samantha - 6 Weeks Treatment
Alejandra - 3 Weeks Treatment
Phoebe - 11 Weeks Treatment
Lola - 12 Days Treatment
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Money Back Guarantee
We are pleased to offer an absolutely silly, no questions asked return policy. If you're unhappy in any way with your purchase we will make it right. At your request we will process a refund or replace the product. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.
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